Who We Are?
      Ever since I was young, I loved doing anything with fiber. I thought it was such a shame how people would shave their animals and just throw away all that beautiful wool, alpaca, and mohair. There is a lot of work involved to take it off the animals and turn it into something else. Most people do not even know how. It is becoming a lost art. I always saved mine and have learned to do many things with it. As I grew up, my sister Amanda and I always wanted to have a farm. So we got together, and moved half way across the country where we were able to find some affordable open land. We hit the open road with only a little more money than the trip would cost and whatever we could fit in our old car.
      We have come a long way since then and we just keep building. Starting the fiber farm and raising our goats has been a dream come true for us. We love learning how to take care of the mohair and turn it into all sorts of projects, as well as taking care of our beautiful goats. Amanda and I can't wait for it to grow even more and watch the soon to be babies grow as well. We are also adding new products, such as some wool and alpaca fiber for spinning.
There are so many things you can make from fiber and we hope you have as much fun with it as we do! I would also love to see how your dolls and other projects turnout. It is so special when someone makes something themselves and it's amazing when you see it before they started. Amanda and I are always here to answer any questions that you may have and if we do not know the answer, we'll try to find out for you. Good luck on all your creations!
What Is Mohair And Where Dose It Come From?
      Mohair is in a class all of its own. It is not like other natural or artificial fibers. Mohair comes from angora goats. We raise them ourselves and love them as much as the hair they grow. Mohair is very unique. It is the closest all natural thing you can get to human hair. Many people can't even tell the difference between mohair and human hair. Mohair has a natural shine or luster that is very hard to find in other fibers. It is naturally flame resistant and is super strong! It has been given the nick name "the diamond fiber". Mohair is stronger then steel of the same diameter. Another great quality of mohair is its texture. Mohair is very soft. The younger the goat the softer the hair. As the goat ages the diameter of the hair slightly increases. That is why most people try to use the first, second, and third cuttings of hair for reborns. However even older goats still have soft shiny hair.
      Our goats are very important to us. They give us their beautiful hair and are always a pleasure to be around. We raise them here at our house and have a few big white dogs that guard them day and night. Their health and happiness is very important to us. We are getting new goats every year. Each of them have there own personalities and unique hair. That is why we tell you who's hair it is every time you buy.
How To Care For Your Hair?
Raw Fiber Care:

      Raw mohair fiber is hair practically straight off the goat. Because it's in its raw form, it needs to be washed before you use it for any projects. If you receive an order that is specified as unsorted hair, you will need to start by taking the individual locks and pulling them apart. Make sure you hold the bottom while doing this so that it doesn't fall apart. Once the locks of hair have been separated you will need to run them under hot water and soak them in Dawn, or another strong soap that cuts through grease, for half an hour. Repeat rinsing and soaking the hair for thirty minutes about three times, four if you think the hair needs it. Then on the final soak, use a conditioner making sure to coat each lock thoroughly before letting it sit. Rinse the hair one last time and towel dry.
Doll Hair Care Instructions:
Washing & Conditioning
      Your hair already comes to you all ready! I have washed it by hand at lest 3 times and given it lots of conditioner. There is no need to do anything else before putting it on your doll.
If you do want to rewash it and comb it you can. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner probably one with natural oils. Mohair needs conditioner because washing it takes out the natural oils and you need to put them back in just like our hair does. If you are washing natural non-dyed hair you can use hot water. It dose not have to be burning hot, but do not ever use cold water or let the water get cold! It will bind together and be ruined.
Dyed Mohair:
Do not use hot water or cold water! Only wash your dyed hair in warm water. Do not use Dawn or anything too harsh. It will make the color bleed out. To help the color stay in, add a little white vinegar to the water. Think about if you dyed your hair. You do not want to strip the color back out. Keep in mind that I have already washed and conditioned it so that you do not have to. The more you wash it the more color will come out. It is best not to wash it unless you have to. Dyed mohair is not meant to be rewashed over and over again. It is very easy to use the wrong thing and loss or fade the color.
Combing Your Mohair
      Your hair already comes combed but can get easily knotted or messed up. When combing your hair before it's on your doll you have to be careful. Hold one end of it tight so that it does not slip and end up losing half of it. When you are brushing it, it can become frizzy or even very fluffy. Don't worry this is normal due to its natural wavy lock structure. After you have all the knots and tangles out spray it with a water conditioner mix or a leave in conditioner. The hair will calm right down again. Do not comb wet hair unless you have all the knots out. It will stretch and break the hair giving it a split ends kind of look. And always make sure you use conditioner to avoid static electricity. When done combing lay the damp mohair locks out on plastic, aluminium foil or something with a smooth surface to let air dry in a safe place.
Rooting Your New Hair!
      If you root your dyed mohair wet, use white vinegar so that the color does not bleed and stain your fingers. Even if you root it dry you may still get some color on your fingers.
      Do not root the hair upside down with the tips being put into the scalp. Only root the top sheared ends with the band. The reason being, It is easier to comb the hair as it naturally falls going from the top to the bottom. You must not mix up the tops and bottoms when rooting! The hair will be very very hard to comb.
      It is always best to use the knot method even with the shorter locks. It is not good to fold the hair in half to root with the lock and loop method. This is because it mixes the tops and bottoms.
Styling Your Hair
      Mohair is very similar to your hair. You can style it the same way you do yours. You can use rollers, curling ions, crimpers, straighteners..... Just remember to be careful! You can burn mohair just like your hair and we all know burnt hair smells so bad.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and ask. 
What Is Our Polices & Shipping?
We guarantee all our combed mohair! Very few people do, but we want you to be happy with your hair. It's a very important part of your dolls. If for any reason you do not like it, or it's not what you thought it was going to be, just send it back. I've taken great care in my packing to make sure your mohair gets to you in a nice, ready to use condition. I ask that you send it back the same exact way, so the hair does not get hurt.
You should know as soon as you open your package if the hair is what you want and if it will work for your project.
Upon return, the mohair MUST look the same as it did when it was sent to you.
The mohair must not have been used.
Refunds will be given after we receive the hair.
Natural mohair: If the hair was used or cut.
If the hair was rooted wrong and felted.
If you took off the bands and confused what side the top is.
If the hair texture has been altered or tainted.
If you took the band off leaving the hair a mess or uneven I will then subtract the loss and give you a partial refund. If the hair weighs less you will also receive a partial refund.
Dyed mohair: If it was washed incorrectly and the dye bleeds out.
If your doll had been sitting in the sunlight and the hair color fades.
If you have any questions at all about the care of your hair, or mohair in general please ask. If you've never worked with mohair before read the mohair care page here on our website.
International Shipping: All orders are sent first class unless asked.
In many country's priority and express have guaranteed delivery dates. I do recommend that first class international be registered but not required. First class can not be insured.
You will be sent a tracking number to prove that it has been sent, but packages can not be tracked once they leave the USA until it gets to your country. Some countries scan when it arrives but some do not or only occasionally.
Note: Packages have been lost twice going to China. I recommend that you have it registered or have it sent priority.
Registered mail costs an extra $12.95.
If you have not received your package within 10 days. Let me know and I will try to track it down for you.
What To Contact Us?
Email us at customercare@mohairhouse.com We would love to hear from you.
Where Else Can You Find Us?
You can purchase products from our Etsy shop:

You can also join our facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/mohairouse and post pictures of your mohair projects.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!
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